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Paragliding in Namibia

Quality since 1998

Sky Club Austria flight school is officially licensed Paragliding Tour Operator in Namibia since 1998. In 2020, Sky Club Austria paragliding school became the first ARO for paragliding audited and approved by the governmental aviation authority NCAA according to quality safety standards. Freedom and safety in ground handling & dune soaring are guaranteed.

General informationen 

Aviation Recreation Organisation Approval

Aviation Recreation Organisation (ARO)

Paragliding is allowed in Namibia according to the current aviation regulations of the NAMCARS only within the framework of a so-called ARO. The flight school Sky Club Austria is holder of the ARO with the authorization number NCAA ARO - 008.

The basis for this is a Manual of Procedures approved by the Namibian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA).

The Sky Club Austria Groundhandling & Dune Soaring courses take place in the dunes at Longbeach, along the B2 between Swakopmund and the resort of Longbeach. The dune belt is located in the Dorob National Park. Parts of it have been cleared for paragliding by the Nature Conservancy on our initiative. The airspace above this so called "Special designated paragliding area" is cleared for paragliding by the aviation authority ANSSO and we have the appropriate commercial licenses from the responsible municipalities.

In addition to the general aviation regulations of the NAMCARS, the General Safety Regulations of our ARO also apply at Longbeach for paragliders.

General safety rules at Longbeach

During the execution of an advanced training course for „Groundhandling & dune soaring“ of the paragliding school Sky Club Austria, paragliding in the area of the "Special designated paragliding area" shown below is only allowed with the approval of the paragliding school Sky Club Austria. This is for the protection of our course participants and the general safety of flying in the dunes.

Pilots and flight schools are welcome to join our ARO.

Manual Of Procedures (MOP)

All training courses of Sky Club Austria in Namibia follow a Manual of Procedures approved by the NCAA. This MOP defines responsibilities, airspace, air law, evasion rules, search & rescue organization, safety management and qualification management. The paragliding school Sky Club Austria is audited annually by NCAA and is obliged to conduct internal audits on an ongoing basis.

MOP Frontpage

MOP Frontpage

MOP Approval Page

MOP Bewilligung

Paragliding Area Swakopmund

Paragliding Area SwakopmundParagliding Area Swakopmund

Become a member of the ARO paragliding school Sky Club Austria


  • Sky Club Austria Club Membership
  • Briefing as part of the "Paragliding Safari Groundhandling & Dune soaring"
  • Flight license for paragliding (paragliding license, DHV A license, DHV B license, Swiss brevet or equivalent)
  • Paraglider, harness with airbag, helmet
  • Paraglider liability insurance as owner and user of a paraglider with coverage worldwide
  • Recovery costs insurance for paragliding with coverage worldwide

Groundhandling & Dune soaring

For dates of our paragliding safari groundhandling & dune soaring please refer to our official schedule. Briefings can only be done on site during a paragliding safari.

More Informationen

For more information regarding our ARO paragliding school Sky Club Austria and membership information please contact our office in Austria by e-mail.

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