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Professional SIV Training Center

Dachstein - Krippenstein - Lake Hallstatt

Freestyle / Acro-Basic Course

Sky Club Austria Acro Basis Kurs
Sky Club Austria Freestyle Training

One could also call these courses the ‘Mastering Advanced Flight Techniques Course’, because they are nothing if not exactly that.
A far cry from ‘hard-core’ acro; those rather who insist on perfecting their flying techniques will be in their element here.
A participant’s quote: "After Namibia, the best course I’ve been on..." (G. Hainzl)

SAT & Wingovers

The overall objectives of the Freestyle / Acro-Basic Course are the SAT spiral and wingovers. The course begins with a thorough exploration of spirals; because only through the spiral does the pilot learn the dynamics that are crucial to controlling wingovers. Taught manoeuvres are the steep spiral, asymmetric spiral and the SAT-spiral.

Sky Club Austria Wing Over

After that, we progress to wingovers. (Pictured ‘building up to the wingover’)

Course Schedule: Thu to Sat (Sunday, optional training day)

Pilot Requirements: participants must have successfully completed a full SIV course within the last two years. 

Flying Equipment: no special equipment is required to participate in the Freestyle / Acro Basic Course. During the course, special freestyle gliders and harnesses are available for test flights. If you have any special requests, please put details in the application.

Practice: Freestyle / Acro Basic Course graduates can obtain the so-called ‘Acro-card’, with which they are allowed to train independently, but parallel to Sky Club Austria operations.


  1. theoretical and practical instruction
  2. two way radio instruction
  3. video evaluation
  4. rescue boat
  5. bus transfer to the cable car

Course Instructors:
Walter Schrempf / Stefan Morocutti / Stefan Rupp


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