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These pages contain information about the bi-annual paraglider check, repairs and reserve repacking services offered by the service centre at Sky Club Austria.

  • Checks (periodic inspections)
  • Repairs
  • reserve packing service

The Sky Club Austria Service Centre

Since 1994 Sky Club Austria has been a licensed aeronautical operator (aircraft mechanic for hang gliders and paragliders). We specialise in the maintenance and inspection of paragliders, harnesses and reserve parachutes; all our work, both testing and servicing, is guaranteed to be of the very first quality.

Walter Schrempf is the technical director (confirmed, legally certified technical expert for flight operations and aeronautical technology HG/PG, including motorised HG/PG), ably assisted by Rene Hußler, Thomas Langs, quality control technician Ewald Lidl and office administrator Claudia Schrempf

Service-Center Sky Club Austria

  • Operators permit number ÖAeC 01
  • Operators permit number DHV A1 
  • Inspection endorsement BMViT OZB IV-1

We are equipped and licensed to: perform both maintenance and airworthiness inspections on all current make of paraglider; produce structured appraisals; issue inspection and verification / release certificates. We have full access to the technical data of all certified makes of paraglider on the market and all repairs are made using only original spare parts. We maintain contact with all the best developers and manufacturers and are the official Austrian service centre for Advance, Ozone, Niviuk and BGD.

Checks and services we provide:
• guaranteed and objective airworthiness assessment
• recognised by authorities and insurance companies in both Austria and Germany
• all work carried out to the manufacturer’s current recommendations
• indemnify claims against manufacturer’s warranties
• obtain factory warranties

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You can: bring your equipment for check / repair / maintenance yourself; send it to us or, most convenient of all, arrange to have it picked up!

We work very closely with DPD, so one call and your equipment will be picked up right from your doorstep.. Detailinfo / Auftragsschein

Aviation services Sky Club Austria: Tel +43 (0) 3685 / 22 333

SCA- Members receive a 10 % discount on checks and reserve packing!

General information for Certification - Verification of Conformity - Periodic Check

Die technische Sicherheit unserer Fluggeräte gewährleistet das in vielen Bereichen z.B auch in der Automobilindustrie bewährte System "Musterprüfung - Stückprüfung - Nachprüfung".

The technical safety of our flying equipment is quaranteed by the system applied also for example in the car industry: Certification - Verification of Conformity - Periodic Check


Glider certification is carried out by a test centre at the request of the manufacturer. At this time, the test centres are: the DHV, the European Academy of parachute rigging, the Austrian Aeroclub (Öaec), the German Ultra Light Flying Association (DULV) and - currently only available for para-gliders, the German Paramotoring Association (DMSV). These test centres check that the glider conforms to either LTF airworthiness requirements, or the equivalent EN standard, depending on which standard is the current requirement in each country respectively. Proof of conformity is the examination certificate (available from the test centre).

Verification of Conformity

Once certification is completed, every manufacturer or importer must confirm that each individual paraglider sold conforms to the specifications of the certified paraglider. This comparison is called the conformity check. The proof that this test has been conducted is the signed inspection panel on the paraglider itself. The manufacturer or importer is always responsible for the proper implementation of this test; and in this case ‘responsible’ also means ‘liable’.

Periodic Inspection (Check)

All paragliders must be maintained in accordance with the provisions set out in the owner’s manual and regularly checked. This inspection will be to the same values established during certification and verified during the conformity check. The periodic inspection interval is given both in the owner’s manual and in the inspection panel on the glider. However, the inspection interval is also dependant on the manner in which the paraglider is used. Tandem paragliders used for commercial purposes must be inspected every year or after 150 flights, whichever comes first. Paragliders used solely for recreational purposes must as a rule be inspected every 24 months. It is the sole responsibility of the owner to see to it that his glider is inspected in a timely manner and any necessary maintenance carried out by suitably qualified persons in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines (set out in the owner’s manual). Inspection and service centres require official licensing, the appropriate technical and testing equipment, trained technicians and liability insurance that covers the maintenance they perform.

Hier der Link zur ZLLV 2010 (Zivilluftfahrt-Luftfahrtgeräteverordnung 2010)

(civil aviation & aeronautical engineering regulations 2010)

Information about current Austrian legislation, such as The Civil Aircraft and Aeronautical Engineering Regulations, can be found under the link: current federal laws (you need only enter the search term ‘paraglider’ in order to display all the laws appertaining thereto).

Rechtsnormen Zivilluftfahrzeug- und Luftfahrtgeräteverordnung


Sky Club Austria

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