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Tandem Flying – Tandem Paragliding Tandem Passenger Flights

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You fly as a passenger on a tandem paraglider. Your pilot is a licenced instructor and tandem pilot with the paragliding school Sky Club Austria with long years of experience.

A tandem flight with the paragliding school Sky Club Austria is a magnificent flying experience and uncomplicated adventure!

Fly with us!

Fly Tandem booking hotline +43 (0) 699 12 33 22 11

Hauser Kaibling - Schladming-Dachstein

Hauser Kaibling is the first access point of the Schladming 4-mountain skiing area. We offer tandem flights daily from December to April, when weather is good for flying from the middle station and the top of Hauser Kaibling, the highest point of the 4-mountain skiing area.

Our tip: an excellent highlight of a day in the 4-mountain skiing area is the flight from the middle station of the 8-person cable car or from the top of Hauser Kaibling to the basic station arena!

Your ready to take off, a few steps suffice to inflate the glider, then a short sprint and you lift off into complete freedom, an experienced instructor / tandem pilot at the controls. We have been conducting professional tandem-flights in all seasons since 1992 in the holiday resort of Schladming Dachstein and throughout the Salzkammergut.

From December to April we offer fantastic tandem passenger flights from Hauser Kaibling in the top winter sports region Schladming Dachstein! During summer: the entire FlyPark Dachstein!

Fly Tandem with Sky Club Austria Flying School!

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Tandem Flight Hauser Kaibling top .......................  € 129,-, 2 persons or more € 119,-/person

The prices include

  1. Tandem paragliding with most modern equipment
  1. Full insurance cover (aviation liability insurance, flight only accident insurance, luggage up to € 1.5 million)
  2. 20% VAT.

Tandem Flying Booking Hotline: +43-699-12 33 22 11


Order a gift voucher

office@skyclub-austria or here


Certified Safety – Tandem Flying with Sky Club Austria!

  1. The Sky Club Austria Flying School is licensed by the Austrian Federal Ministry for transport according to strict safety regulations.
  2. Your pilot is a certified flight instructor / tandem pilot with many years of practical flying experience.
  3. All flying equipment has been tested and approved specifically for tandem flights up to a total weight of 250 kg.
  4. All flights take place with an appropriate reserve parachute.
  5. Just like a charter flight, you’re covered by accident and liability insurance. You personal possessions are also insured whilst in the air.
  6. Sky Club Austria pilots only fly when the prevailing meteorological flight conditions are completely safe.
  7. The Sky Club Austria Flying School was the first officially approved paragliding tandem flight operator in Austria.

Please bear in mind our safety advice for passengers

As a passenger on a paragliding tandem flight, you must contribute to the success of the flight. Upon take off you are required to run with the pilot, and only allowed to sit down once airborne and a few meters above the ground. If you follow this advice and the instructions of the pilot, then you are the perfect passenger and our pilots look forward to flying with you.

Please bring along:

Shoes with non-slip soles, warm clothes, gloves, sunglasses or a ski mask.


Sky Club Austria

A-8962 Gröbming Moosheim 113  Tel. +43 3685 22333

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