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Ozone Buzz Z 5

Gleitschirme, Allrounder, Sport, Thermik-Strecke

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The balance of performance and safety is the most important consideration not only for the Buzz series, but also for all pilots. We believe the Z5 achieves the ultimate balance, with the solidity and glide performance necessary for long XC flights in real conditions.

Improving the Buzz Series is a difficult task, but one that we devote a huge amount of resources to. It is consistently one of the most popular wings in our range and appeals to perhaps the widest range of pilots. For each Buzz, we strive to incorporate cutting edge performance technology into the most comfortable package possible. The Buzz series represents the ultimate in balance and True Performance.

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Higher performance wings in our range become more specialized, and the more basic wings are more focused on passive safety. The Buzz series could be considered the ultimate compromise, except for the fact that there are no compromises in its design; there is only what we see as being the perfect balance between XC performance and solid comfort.

Ozone Buzz Z5zoom

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